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Civic Science: Inquiry-to-Action

What is CELF Civic Science: Inquiry to Action?  

  • An inter-disciplinary Professional Learning Program that develops an understanding of Project-Based and Place-Based learning within the context of the school community.
  • Program participation includes portable air quality monitoring technology and apps to support an in-depth exploration of the impact of air pollution on health.
  • Seamless connection to Next Gen Science Standards while students identify causes and solutions for different types of air pollution.
  • Intersection of science and policy related to air quality, including engagement with legislative processes while developing action plans to share with community leaders.

 CELF Civic Science: Inquiry-to-Action is a semester- or year-long program that engages educators and students in project-based STEAM learning outside of the classroom.  As environmental health researchers, students (grades 5-12) collect and analyze air quality data in their communities using portable air quality monitoring devices such as the Flow PPM and AirBeam. Using this data students identify sources of air pollution, understand connections to environmental and human health and behaviors, develop prevention and remediation plans for their communities, and share their findings with peers and policy makers.  Our framework is rooted in National Geographic’s Geo-Inquiry model: Ask, Collect, Visualize, Create, Act. The program combines the development of 21st century skills with the motivation and creativity generated by solving a problem in one’s own community. 

This “Team Science” program provides a unique opportunity for middle and high school teachers and students to work with field expert partners from:

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The CELF Citizen Science: Connecting Classroom to Community includes: 

  • Civic Science Toolkit (curriculum, technology, content resources)
  • Two (2) full days of professional development with CELF and program partners
  • Optional: Credits – CTLE (NYS); ASPDP (NYC); GT (TX); CEUs (pending district policy)
  • Opportunity for participation in Student Symposium
  • Ongoing monthly support from CELF educators

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