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Digital Learning for K-12 Educators

CELF understands the challenges educators are facing during these uncertain times and we are here for you!  We have listened to teachers and school communities across the country and are prepared to support you with relevant services and resources. With expertise in outdoor learning and best practices in engaging digital instruction developed for delivering virtual programs since March, CELF offers sustainability programs, coaching, and co-teaching with a broad range of ed tech tools.

As we all navigate uncertain times and a changing educational experience, know that we are in this together and that we are here to help! 

New areas of support that CELF offers: 

  • 1:1 coaching support for virtual learning 
  • Digital resources for place-based education, project-based learning, outdoor learning, SEL, student-centered environmental literacy and SDG projects for at-home learning
  • Co-Teaching 
  • Professional Learning in sustainability curriculum that can be offered in virtual or hybrid settings
  • Best practices for instruction in outdoor classrooms and in nature
  • Using nature for social emotional learning and for teacher well-being
  • Hear about and discuss CELF’s 2020-2021 credit-based Professional Learning Series — eligible for CTLE (NY) and GT (TX)
  • Nature Challenge: Two-week virtual experience that encourages participants to build connections in an outdoor setting. Great team and community building opportunity for corporate groups, organizations and community groups.

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