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Digital Learning for Nonformal Educators and Parents

Just as teachers encourage their students to be lifelong learners, we study adult learning to design and provide readily available digital professional learning. CELF digital learning opportunities are based on the principles and practices of Education for Sustainability and address educators’ requests, interests, strengths, and needs to provide differentiated and more personalized professional development. 

Sustained, research-based professional learning is critical to the success of any school system’s transition to virtual learning. CELF’s synchronous and asynchronous Education for Sustainability programs support school systems in their critical work to empower teachers as they make necessary shifts for our shared new reality.

CELF’s digital learning programs for formal and non-formal educators are offered throughout the year as both pre-scheduled courses and customized programs. 

In response to interest in engaging at-home environmental literacy and project-based learning resources, CELF has also developed digital learning resources for parents and families. Our first CELF Family Nature Challenge launched for families in the Houston, TX region in June 2020. CELF has since offered the Family Nature Challenge to local community groups, corporate partners and others looking for team building experiences.

NEW: CELF Activities for Everyday Learning.

Engaging DIY activities that open minds of students, parents and all learners to the wonders of the natural world.

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