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Establishing sustainability as an integral part of every child’s K-12 learning experience.

Young Voices for the Planet Films are Now Part of CELF

CELF’s focus on student-led, project-based inquiry has combined with Young Voices’ groundbreaking films and curricula to amplify and empower student voices. 

Engage Students in Community Projects with Civic Science

CELF’s Civic Science program provides educators with professional learning, resources, and a community of practice to support you in guiding your students in community-based inquiry projects, with opportunities for students to present their research findings and action plans with community stakeholders during our culminating Student Symposium events.

For the 2023-24 school year, participating teachers will have access to:

-Microgrants to support student projects
-Digital resources for various pathways of study
-CELF’s Student Symposium events in Spring 2024
-Teacher stipends upon program completion

CELF Professional Learning Customized for Your District

The concepts of sustainability are universal, but every district and school starts from a different place. Whether you have a handful of knowledgeable teachers, one enthusiastic administrator or a new green building, CELF can help you take the next steps toward infusing your curriculum and school culture with education for a sustainable and equitable future.

Using a proven framework strategically developed to incorporate Next Generation Science Standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and current K-12 best practices in place-based education and project-based-learning, CELF provides educators with practical and valuable curricular access points.

Preparing Future Citizens & Leaders

CELF’s integrated approach transforms learning into an authentic exploration of real-world problems, centered in and around the school community. Using sustainability as a guiding framework, we help schools embed place- and project-based learning into existing curriculum, across all subject areas. 

What is Education for Sustainability (EFS)?

EFS helps students understand the interconnectedness of the environment, economy, and society, and provides them with the skills, perspectives, values and knowledge to make responsible decisions for building a sustainable future.

Our Programs

Since its inception, CELF has provided consulting services, professional development programs and student training programs with a goal of making sustainability education an integral part of the K-12 learning experience. 


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Invest in a Sustainable Future

Our programming relies on support from generous donors like you.

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