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Annual Summer Institutes

Energizing and Innovative Professional Learning for K-12 Educators

The 2023 Summer Institutes will inspire, educate, and reignite our collective commitment to educating for sustainability

This year’s CELF Summer Institutes focus on giving teachers space to reflect and re-energize together with peers. Teachers will explore concepts of sustainability that emphasize community well-being as the core to enabling meaningful learning for students. CELF supports teachers as they reframe and reflect upon their teaching practices to incorporate sustainability and civic engagement throughout the school year.  This approach ensures that our next generation is prepared with the systems-thinking mindset they’ll need to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

CELF Summer Institutes

Each of the four regional and online institutes offer standards-aligned, credit-based programming, geared towards a national audience of K-12 educators. This collaborative learning experience harnesses the imagination and energy of our educator community to reinvigorate your 2022-2023 school year ahead.  

At CELF, we recognize that the disruption of the last two years – lost classroom hours, new demands on teachers, student frustration and grief – weighs heavily on educators of all types. When we ask “What does sustainability mean NOW?,” we look outward to environmental remediation, and inward to restoring self-worth and motivation.

Takeaways include:

Making it Happen for You!

Earn PD Credit

Depending on your state, or district, you can earn PD credits for completing the CELF Summer Institute. In-service credits are based on district policy.

Register with your Team of Colleagues!

Interactive, in-depth, and self-paced, CELF’s Institutes are designed for individual or school team participation that connect instructional practices to real-world applications and learning experiences.

If you join with a team, there is a discount on tuition. Please see the specific Summer Insitute Registration for more details.

Scholarships Available

CELF offers a limited number of full scholarships. Preference will be given to teachers applying from Title 1 schools and other needs-based applicants.

Administrator Email Outreach

Use this letter template to communicate the value of this PD with your administration as a professional learning experience that will benefit not only you, but your school, district and community. Feel free to customize and use it to request approval to attend the Summer Institutes.

Summer Institute Registration

Registration Closed

Houston: Civic Science Summer Institute at University of Houston Clear Lake

Location: Unversity of Houston Clear Lake
Dates: June 5-7, 2023
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm CT

UHCL and CELF are collaborating on a STEM4ALL Summer Institute. This three-day Civic Science program is open UHCL’s preservice STEM4ALL students, as well as to inservice teachers from surrounding districts.

Tuition: Free
Funded through the generosity of CELF supporters

Download Flyer

Registration Closed

Houston Summer Institute: Leveraging Community Resource for Student Projects

Location: Lone Star College, Kingwood, TX
Dates: August 1-3, 2023
9:00am – 3:00pm CT

This three-day Summer Institute presents Education for Sustainability as a lens for learning and explores community resources to enrich student experiences. Educators will create Student Action Projects to address community concerns and will integrate sustainability concepts into teaching practices using CELF’s Big Ideas of Sustainability framework.

Tuition: Free
Funded through the generosity of CELF supporters

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Past Keynotes & Guest Speakers

Susan Kaiser Greenland

Author/Teacher of Mindfulness for Children

Kate Raworth

Economist, Oxford University

Dr. Bertie Simmons

Author/K-12 Changemaker 

Karen Banda 

Environmental Justice Leader

 Tammie Lang Campbell

Founder, Honey Brown Hope Foundation

Shar-Day Campbell

Award-winning Communications Strategist

Lynne Cherry

Author/Founder of Young Voices for the Planet

Jaysa Hunter-Mellers

Youth Climate Activist 

 Jaime Gonzalez

Houston Healthy Cities

Dr. Maida Galvez

Mount Sinai PEHSU

Elizabeth Carlson

Tricon Energy

Luz Guel

Mount Sinai CEC

Tyler Knowlton

Plume Labs

David MacLean

Founder & President, McMac Cx

Eric Ascalon


Elizabeth Virgl

American Bird Conservancy

Nana Minta

Green Africa Youth Organization

Laurie Seeman

Strawtown Art & Garden Studio

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