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Who We Are

The mission of Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation is to establish sustainability as an integral part of every child’s K-12 learning experience.

CELF has reached more than 1 million students by training more than 14,000 teachers in over 4,000 schools. This is just the beginning of our work to bring systemic change to K-12 education.

Preparing Future Citizens and Leaders

The Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation was founded in 2003 on the principle that education for sustainability is essential for today’s K-12 students. Education for sustainability is a teaching methodology that develops critical thinking skills necessary to understand complex, interconnected issues. Students today face unprecedented challenges and an imperative to balance economic, social and environmental problems. They need to feel inspired and be prepared to innovate new solutions.

CELF programs use real-world problem solving to prepare students with the holistic thinking skills and motivation to become agents of change for a healthier, more stable and sustainable future.

At the college level, many traditional fields of study have evolved to teach students the skills they’ll need to become part of the sustainable future. CELF believes sustainability education must begin earlier in students’ academic life, during formative years for shaping thinking, attitudes, values and behaviors.

“In the coming decades, the survival of humanity will depend on our ecological literacy — our ability to understand the basic principles of ecology and to live accordingly. This means that ecoliteracy must become a critical skill… and should be the most important part of education at all levels…”

Fritjof Capra
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