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Establishing sustainability as an integral part of every child’s K-12 learning experience.

COVID-19 Programs & Resources

CELF understands the challenges educators are facing during these uncertain times and we are here for you! We have listened to teachers and school communities across the country and are prepared to provide relevant services and resources. With expertise in outdoor learning and best practices in engaging digital instruction, CELF offers sustainability programs, coaching, and co-teaching with a broad range of innovative ed tech tools. 


Back-to-School Open Houses

Join us for a Back-to-School Open House session to learn about our programs and services for engaging innovative tech tools and outdoor learning to support virtual instruction. We are eager to share these newly designed resources with the educator community established for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Open House Session 1:

Wed., Sept 30 at 7pm EST (Zoom)

Open House Session 2:

Sat., Oct 3 at 4 PM EST (Zoom)

Free Outdoor Learning Resource

Download Our Diversity Hunt Activity

Join our mailing list to download our Diversity Hunt activity which invites learners to engage in their surroundings and works for both in-school and virtual learning.

Preparing Future Citizens & Leaders

CELF’s integrated approach transforms learning into an authentic exploration of real-world problems, centered in and around the school community. Using sustainability as a guiding framework, we help schools embed place- and project-based learning into existing curriculum, across all subject areas. 

What is Education for Sustainability (EFS)?

EFS helps students understand the interconnectedness of the environment, economy, and society, and provides them with the skills, perspectives, values and knowledge to make responsible decisions for building a sustainable future.

Our Programs

Since its inception, CELF has provided consulting services, professional development programs and student training programs with a goal of making sustainability education an integral part of the K-12 learning experience. 


Curriculum Exemplars
Sustainability Topics
Teacher Tools

Invest in a Sustainable Future

Our programming relies on support from generous donors like you.

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