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CELF Stories from the Field

Creative, dedicated teachers are CELF's inspiration. When we work with schools to integrate environmental literacy across the curriculum, we see some amazing outcomes. We'd love to hear from YOU how CELF programs have been integrated into your classrooms and the change you’ve seen in your students as a result.

"CELF Stories from the Field" is an invitation to share your CELF stories. We’d love to hear about how CELF has impacted your classroom and/or school. Have your students started clubs? Are they involved in school or community sustainability projects? How has your own practice changed as a result of place/project-based instruction? Share how Education for Sustainability has made an impact, a quote to include in an email newsletter or a longer story that we can share on our newsletter/blog. We want to hear it all and share with our growing community of EfS educators!

Read the inaugural edition of CELF Stories from the Field,  "How Do We Tell the Children? Efficacy, Engagement and Resilience", authored by Maggie Favretti.   

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