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Civic Science in the Classroom: CELF’s Case Studies

Have you ever wondered what Civic Science looks like in the classroom? What the outcomes of student-led research are? Or why Civic Science is important? These are questions we are frequently asked, but there are as many answers as there are classrooms!

CELF’s Civic Science: Inquiry to Action program engages students in hands-on learning to identify, analyze, and solve real-world environmental issues that impact their schools, neighborhoods, and beyond. By navigating the connection between science, society, and policy, children are empowered to make a positive impact on our world. Led by classroom teachers trained and supported by CELF, students are transformed into vital global citizens, ready to face tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

If you want to see how Civic Science works in the classroom, take a look at our Case Studies page. There you can find examples of Civic Science in the classroom from teachers who have completed CELF’s Civic Science: Inquiry to Action program!

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