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Sponsorship Opportunities

CELF Leadership Circle 

CELF formed the Leadership Circle (CLC) in 2020 to engage private industry leaders at a local and national level in the sustainable growth and impact of our mission and programs. With the support of the CLC, CELF will help ensure the next generation is taught through a sustainability lens that underscores the connections between environmental integrity, social equity, human health and economic vitality.

The CELF Leadership Circle provides a critical role in promoting sustainability among your community’s and the nation’s future leaders and workforce. As a Member, there are multiple opportunities for engagement, both as a company, and as an individual with shared interest in supporting teachers through professional development in environmental literacy and sustainability.

Now is the Time to Act

K-12 teachers and students have just faced an unprecedented year in education. Through CELF’s programs, coaching and resources, we strive to support them and are immeasurably impressed with their commitment to teaching and learning. As a partner, you can help us continue to provide engaging, place-based civic science and sustainability programs that allow students and teachers alike to develop essential systems thinking skills and thrive through creative, authentic learning experiences.

Learn how you can partner with CELF on our upcoming Virtual Student Symposium for middle and high school students across the U.S.

Learn how you can partner with CELF on our Annual Summer Institute for K-12 Educators!

  • Help sustain our planet
  • Connect with and support your community
  • Be a corporate citizen with compassion and foresight
  • Position your brand and build brand awareness
  • Support a program that is improving educational and health outcomes in the community
  • Show your support for teachers, who take part in and shape the response to crises of all sorts


Invest in our work as a CELF Digital Accelerator and enjoy many benefits for your sponsorship gift. Your support now will help exponentially increase our reach through digital technology and generate a much bigger impact for our collective investment in the next generation.

Our Sponsors Make a Difference

  • Connect science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) learning in school to community sustainability issues
  • Create hands-on opportunities for students to become active agents of inquiry and change
  • Build a pipeline for the next generation of workers and leaders in the local economy
  • Strengthen relationships between schools and the local community
  • Provide support for districts that couldn’t otherwise participate
  • Grow online learning opportunities exponentially across the country

Extend Your Reach

  • 25,000+ CELF website, social media, e-news
  • 200 Summer Institute participants
  • 14,000 teachers
  • 4,000 schools
  • 1 million+ students impacted each year

For More Information

To learn more about how you or your company can become a CELF Digital Accelerator, please reach out to Rachel Bogin, Director of Advancement, at rachel.bogin@celfeducation.org or 914.449.6868.

New Year, New Programs: Civic Science 2022 kicks off on February 1stClick here to learn more and register
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