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CELF Summer Intern Introductions 1/3: Meet Kyla!

We are happy to announce that CELF has hired 3 new interns, all three of whom were chosen for their talent, expertise, and self-motivation. Together, this power team will help the CELF community grow through digital engagement, content creation, and new social media strategies. Get to know them all right here, starting today with Kyla!

Kyla Speizer (she/hers)

Brandeis University, 2023, Majors: Sociology and Anthropology, Minor: East Asian Studies

Q: What was your first impression of CELF and our team?

KS: My first impression of CELF was the collaborative team environment. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive and genuinely cares about the mission and helping teachers achieve the end goal of sustainability.

Q: What drove you to apply for and accept an internship at CELF rather than another organization?

KS: I applied for an internship with CELF because I’m very passionate about environmental justice. I was really drawn to CELF’s mission specifically because I believe that education is the best way to approach any social cause. I had a really incredible environmental education in high school, and that helped shape my worldview and my actions, and I think that every student should be given the same opportunity.

Q: What do you contribute to the CELF team both professionally and personally?

KS: I bring creativity and communication skills to the team, and I think that those are really important skills for advancing a mission like CELF’s, especially in a time when creativity is required to adapt to such an unusual situation.

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