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CELF Summer Intern Introductions 3/3: Meet Benji!

Last but not least, we are excited to introduce Benji, our final intern for the Summer of 2021! As the Social Media Strategy Intern, Benji is primarily responsible for expanding CELF’s social media presence and helping create lively online communities. We have been so impressed by the work that Benji has done so far and are looking forward to seeing how he continues to elevate CELF in the near future!

Benji Mathot (he/his)

Vassar College, 2022, Majors: Earth Science and Biology

Q: What drove you to apply for and accept an internship at CELF rather than another organization?

Benji: As a student at a liberal arts college, I find it difficult to concentrate all of my energy into academic research alone. My personal identity includes both STEM and the humanities, so I needed to find an organization that represents this. CELF’s mission to integrate sustainability, civics, and community is exactly what I was looking for because now I can take the concepts from my classes and communicate them in an understandable way.

Q: What do you contribute to the CELF team both professionally and personally?

Benji: I believe that I am a self-driven and passionate student with an ample amount of experience in community engagement and environmental education. I am familiar with administrative tasks and navigating online communities, which are two necessary components of this internship. I also like to believe that I am a kind and friendly person who can effectively work within a team environment. 

Q: What do you hope to get out of this internship?

Benji: I hope to gain a better understanding of the “behind the scenes” work for environmental nonprofits like CELF. Since we currently live in a digital age, social media management and strategy skills are highly marketable and should prove to be useful to any organization that I work with in the future. 

Q: What was your first impression of CELF and our team?

Benji: My first impression of CELF was during my interview for this internship, and I remember being met with incredible enthusiasm and kindness. It was easy to recognize that CELF lives and breathes their core values, and the work environment follows suit. The friendliness and camaraderie between each member played a key role in my interest to work with them further.

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