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Hands-On Learning Tools We Love

During professional learning workshops and intensives, our educator team routinely provides suggested resources and tools to support hands-on, experiential learning experiences for young people. These tangible products and gadgets can support the processes of data collection and observation.

Click the links below to learn more about the products we’ve used, and reach out to learn more about how they can compliment your sustainability-focused curricula!

Plume Labs


THE FLOW: Measure air quality, predict pollution and plan your commutes with your personal air quality sensor and companion app.

Teachers can access a free Flow device via the McMac CX CELF Air Champions program.



THE SUBPOD: An in-ground composting system that doubles as a bench, perfect for school or community gardens!

*Use the coupon code CELFINTHEFIELD10 for 10% off your order!

*CELF has an affiliate relationship with this company and may receive a small commission on each unit purchased via our referral.

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