Annual Summer Institute

Summer Institute Reimagined: Civic Science: Inquiry to Action

THEME: Civic Science: Inquiry to Action

Institute Overview: This 6-day (15 hour) online institute will enhance participants' understanding of project-based learning and place-based education, principles and practices within the context of your school community modeling CELF’s Inquiry to Action Framework.  

Audience: Teachers of Grades 5 - 12 (science, STEAM, health, social studies, civics)

Full Group Virtual Learning and Facilitated Lesson Planning: Follow the process of Inquiry to Action to develop your own project implementation planner to bring into your classroom or virtual experience for your students.


  • Field Expert Guest Speakers: Lynne Cherry, Author and Founder of Young Voices for the Planet
  • Luz Guel, Project Coordinator, Community Engagement Core, The Transdisciplinary Center on Early Environmental Exposures, Department of Population Health Science and Policy  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Case studies from master teachers in the field sharing student action projects and applications to teaching and learning

Self- Paced activities accessible through (presented as a Tool Kit) will include: 

  • Flipgrid introductions & pre reading assignments
  • Mapping place and your community
  • Completion of the Inquiry to Action framework
  • CELF facilitated project planning work time


  • Complete a place-based/project-based lesson or unit using a local civic science topic such as air quality, water quality, pollinators, or soil quality.
  • Learn about a variety of data collection methods, crowdsourcing tools and monitoring technology and how to use them with your students
  • Design a plan to empower student action at your school
  • Increase knowledge of project-based learning through Civic Science 
  • Increase student advocacy for healthy neighborhoods

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